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Social Media Reports

Our social media reports help you to keep track of your activities on the social web. Be it a one-off status quo analysis or continuous monitoring – our reports provide you with the relevant facts, individually set up for you and aligned to your particular needs.

Our portfolio includes the following different types of reports

Social Media Audit

 Planning and Implementing a Successful Social Media Presence for Your Company

The pressrelations Social Media Audit takes inventory of your activities, your environment and your target group in the social web. It offers insights into how to build a successful social media presence and uncovers existing communication structures. Find out what users think of your current content, which topics you already cover on social media and what are the crucial issues missing that you still need to address. We focus on your individual questions to determine the tonality and relevance of statements made in social networks and provide you with valuable advice on best practices for your company’s social media strategy.

Our Social Media Audit Analyzes the Following Variables:

•    How frequently your company is the subject of discussion on social media platforms.
•    What are the channels and topics that are most relevant to you.
•    Where your target group is moving.
•    The success of your competitors with respect to their social media engagement.

The results are the basis for identifying the need for – and scope of – regular and professional social media monitoring.

Your Benefits:

•    Evaluation of your social media performance up to date.
•    Immediate results due to short lead time.
•    No long-term contractual obligations thanks to clearly defined audit period.
•    Only relevant data relating to your individual questions and the market environment.
•    Lower costs due to reduced work load and labor time (content that is not pertinent is not included in the analysis)

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Engagement Rate Report

Engagement Rate Report

Keep track of the performance of your social media profiles

Looking at the engagement rates of your corporate social media channels helps you to evaluate the success of your content marketing activities across the various social media platforms where you maintain an active profile. This allows you to always keep track of your visibility potential and to optimally control communication on the platforms.
The pressrelations engagement rate report enables you to record and evaluate the follower growth rates for each individual channel, organic/paid reach and engagement, as well as sociodemographic data. The report is thus an important indicator of your success in the social web and a starting point for you to develop and adapt your social media communication.

Find out which posts, tweets, snaps and pins had a high level of engagement, which were met with less enthusiasm by the community and which aroused the most interest in a head-to-head comparison of the channels. Our engagement rate report provides you with the most important key performance indicators of your social media profiles – across channels and at a glance.

The key variables for our engagement report are as follows:

  • Cross-channel comparison of the engagement and follower growth rates as well as organic and paid reach
  • Cross-channel comparison of sociodemographic target group data (age, gender, countries, languages, industries and interests)
  • Analysis of the content distribution for each of the various social media channels
  • Listing of the contributions rated highest in terms of engagement, including the author and channel as well as the engagement that was generated (likes, dislikes, reactions, retweets, shares, hashtags, comments, screenshots, re-pins etc.)
  • Cross-channel comparison of the generated website traffic
  • Identification of the key performance indicators specific to each of the channels, such as viewer loyalty, completion rate, call-to-action, top contributions by page views; head-to-head comparison of the follower and visitor profile data as well as of competitors’ employee satisfaction rates

For our engagement report, we monitor and analyze the following social media channels:

  • Facebook  
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn
  • XING
  • kununu
  • Google+
  • Blogs

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Influencer Scorecards

Discover the power of the influencer

Social media influencer scorecards from pressrelations will help you fine-tune your influencer marketing strategy: in order to initiate a dialogue with influencers and keep the interaction going you first need to know who is active in your field of expertise. We will identify the relevant opinion leaders on the social web and compile a compact overview of the pivotal quantitative and qualitative key figures.

Pressrelations developed the Social Media Score to provide you with a comparison and prioritisation of multiple influencers across multiple channels. With your campaign focus and your special requirements in mind we create a customised scorecard and deliver insights which you can use as a guidance for your influencer marketing.

The following figures, e.g. in connection with a blog, are incorporated into the influencer scorecards:

  • reach
  • traffic value
  • SEO visibility (desktop v mobile)
  • link and domain popularity
  • page strength
  • posting frequency
  • interactions
  • visual quality and content quality
  • social impact score

You also gain quick access to the reach of influencers’ social media channels:

  • Facebook fans
  • Twitter followers
  • Instagram followers
  • YouTube subscribers
  • Pinterest followers
  • Google+ followers
  • LinkedIn followers
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For a cross-media management of opinion leaders and a search of relevant influencers we recommend our Influencer Tool.

Social KPIs

Social KPIs

The most important social media KPIs at a glance

The Social KPIs Onepager of pressrelations offers daily updated and quick access to the most important social media success metrics. These KPIs measure the effect of your PR work and keep you posted about the status quo you have reached.

The social KPIs enable you to see at a glance:

  • How the Buzz distributes to the individual social media channels,
  • Which potential reach your posts have achieved,
  • How many interactions your posts have achieved,
  • What hashtags were most frequently mentioned in connection with your company and your campaigns and
  • Which news piece has achieved the highest reach and interaction.

We are monitoring and analyzing the following channels for our Social KPI Onepager:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Google+
  • Blogs and Forums

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Social Media Insights

Social Media Insights English

Substantiated, market-specific interpretations

As part of our Social Media Insights, we develop detailed and market-specific interpretation of the facts, which can be obtained from the social media analysis. Our Insights Report summarizes industry-relevant information of the social media communication subject to evaluation in compact form, thus facilitating significant knowledge transfer as well as the derivation of interpretations and recommendations for your business.

The Social Media Insight Report e.g. answers the following questions

  • What trends are emerging? What issues become more important? Within the scope of our issues monitoring, we inform you on request about new trends emerging in the social web.
  • Who are the key influencers, opinion leaders and multipliers for our topics? We identify and evaluate for your influencers on the social web. With our Influencer Management Tool we segment the relevant actors on the social web on request in individual user groups, thus demonstrating you which opinion leaders have the greatest impact on your reputation.
  • How are classic and social media influencing each other on the market relevant to us? Where are new topics arising? With our Influencer Management and further detailed analysis options, we are able to show where new topics arise, who precisely spreads these topics and on which channels discussions subsequently take place.










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Social Channel Benchmark Report

Social Channel Benchmark english Version

Compass for Your Own Positioning

Our benchmark analysis enables you to gain insights about the media coverage on your company relative to your competitors. You will be provided with an overview of how your market environment is positioned in the social web, whilst simultaneously recognizing both strengths and weaknesses of your own social media work. Benchmark Analyses by pressrelations help you to focus and prioritize your social media activities and represent a sound basis for your strategic business decisions.

Our services include:

  • We determine the media positioning of your company in the respective market environment.
  • We identify important industry metrics and data to derive specified targets.
  • We compare important performance data of your social media activities with the performance of your competitors and prove them using best practice examples:

    • Followers / Fan change rates – Did the size of the community and therefore the potential range per channel increase relative to the competition?
    • Posts eliciting the strongest interaction in terms of likes, comments, retweets, shares etc. - Which content received high acceptance at what time, which didn’t? What does the competition do to convince users?
    • Interaction Rates – To what extend have you been able to mobilize your own community to actively participate?
    • Key Influencers - Which users were most active? And are they also represented on the canals of the competitors?
    • Distribution Types - Which shares of the posts accounts for pictures, videos, links or plain text, respectively?
    • Instagram Filter – What about the use of photo filters compared to the competition?
    • LinkedIn Job Updates – Which vacancies generate most interactions on your own channels and those of the competitors?

    Based on our extensive industry data on hand, we are able to observe and analyze the following channels for the Social Channel Benchmark Report:

    • Facebook
    • YouTube
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Pinterest
    • Google+

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Social Media Trend Report

Social Media Trend Report English

Monitoring what is being said where

The Social Media Trend Report offers you – depending on your preferences – a daily or weekly update on your social media response, emerging issues and gives you a comprehensive market overview. Amongst others, we monitor mentions of your company and products in the social web or discussions about campaigns, competitors or topics in the respective corporate environment.
The results are processed by our analysts by relevance, performance and impact. They are presented in concisely summarized form as one or two chart-based PDFs.
Its advantage compared with classical media reviews is the quick overview about your social media response, current issues and trends particularly in cases of high response. Thanks to the universal PDF format, the report is readable on all digital devices.

Our Social Media Trend Report maps the Social Media Buzz during the specified evaluation period as follows:

  • Postings with the biggest reach including name of the authors, media channels and the potential reach (fans, followers, views, subscribers)
  • Postings with the biggest interaction including name of the authors, media channels and the Likes, Shares, Retweets, or comments it has generated
  • Graphic description of trending topics over the course of time by buzz and / or potential reach, if required including individual consideration of peaks
  • Mapping of share of voice of the topics and / or competitors
  • Graphical representation of the media mix (distribution of the buzz on social media channels)
  • Highlight / lowlight postings by sentiment
  • Qualitative summary of the main trends and most relevant posts

For the social media trend report, we monitor the following social media channels

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Flickr
  • Webblogs
  • Forums
  • Consumer Portals

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Cross-media Weekly Report

Crossmedia Weekly Report

Keep track of your communication success with cross-media monitoring

Cross-media monitoring has become indispensable for measuring the success of cross-media communication campaigns as well as for the continuous monitoring of a company's mentions. pressrelations’ Weekly Report allows you to keep close track of the efficacy of your cross-media marketing efforts. It will also help you to quickly recognize links between key topics of debate in traditional media and subsequent discussions in social media.
The report draws on your press review data and topics of analysis, creating a link between traditional and social media data, and thus provides you with the tools and information that you need to make strategic decisions regarding your communication strategy.

The report includes the following performance data:

  • Share of articles by topic and tonality (sentiment is manually encoded)
  • Share of buzz for individual social media channels and traditional media sources
  • Number of interactions per post
  • Identification of influential authors

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