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Social Media KPIs

Social Media KPIs

If you want to know whether your social media activities are successful, you will not be able to avoid taking one thing into consideration: key performance indicators (KPIs). These are the ones that effectively ashow the value of your PR / communication work and form the basis of any professional social media monitoring.

We measure what really matters

The collection of relevant indicators is crucial for optimizing your social media performance.
In order to be able to provide valuable information about your social media performance, qantitative measures – such as buzz and reach – should be linked up with qualitative indicators such as sentiment and interaction rate.
To measure your success, we therefore define individual quantitative and qualitative key performance indicators (KPIs) and collect them systematically in the social media monitoring.

Find here the most important key figures regarding social media controlling:

Social Media Buzz

Number of mentions in a specified period.

Share of Voice

Ratio of mentions of the own brand relative to all mentions including the competition


Number of persons that had a certain news piece displayed on their screen.

Social Impact Score

Degree of crosslinking of influential opinion leaders in social media (the potential reach, such as fans, followers, subscribers is decisive in this regard).

Interaction Rate

Percentage of users that have seen a certain news piece on the screen and “liked”, shared or commented on it.


Tonality - Number of positive, neutral and negative news pieces relating to specific products, brands or services within a specified period of time.

Bojan Radoja - Head of Social Media Research & Analytics

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