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Social Media Analysis


The more extensive your social media activities, the more important is conducting media analyses. A mere collection of data often turns out to be insufficient. In the analysis, we go one step further and combine the evaluated data with tangible recommendations to improve your social media performance.

Evaluate and manage your influence in the social web

Our social media analysis provide meaningful answers to your questions:

  • What objectives have been achieved, which ones were missed?
  • Where it is worthwhile to invest more resources?
  • What insights can be derived from both successes and shortcomings?
  • Is there any other potential that has not been taken into account?

As the social media landscape keeps changing quickly, we recommend that you conduct social media analyses in regular, pre-defined intervals.

Our service for your Social Media Analysis

  • Thanks to our Social Search Index, your social media performance can be evaluated retroactively for up to one year.
  • We offer you a complete range of performance metrics and KPIs (relating to media reach, commitment, closeness to topics, benchmarks) which enable preparing comprehensive analyses and reports on all your results.
  • We provide you with meaningful insights from which you can derive direct recommendations to improve your social media performance.
  • You receive an individual preparation of facts in line with your corporate identity (CI).
  • Our alerts are aimed to keep you informed of any particular occurrences on the social web. This alert system helps you to react in time prior to an escalation of any potential crisis.
Bojan Radoja - Head of Social Media Research & Analytics

Your Social Media Contact:

Bojan Radoja
Head of Social Media Research & Analytics
Tel.: 0211 / 175 20 77 - 827

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