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Checklist for a successful social media monitoring

To ensure that your social media monitoring delivers best possible results, it should be tailored to your specific needs and objectives. In order to simplify the definition of your evaluation objectives and planning of social media monitoring, we have compiled a checklist for you.

Please click here to download the checklist!

For what purpose do you want to use social media monitoring?

It is crucial that you define clear objectives for the monitoring. Key issues include:

  • Do you want to use the monitoring for crisis detection, to evaluate your social media performance, for customer acquisition or for market research purposes?
  • What period is to be investigated?
  • Which social media channels matter to you?
  • What competitors do you have?
  • What key messages you want to convey in your communications work?
  • What keywords are relevant to your business or industry?
  • What results do you need on your dashboard to provide you with an overview?
  • Which statements do you want to retrieve from these?
  • Who are the recipients of the monitoring results?

Which monitoring approaches you require?

Once the specific objectives of the monitoring have been defined, the selection of the monitoring approach can be made. Subsequently we have summarized some monitoring examples for you:

Reputation Management

Image, trust and credibility, product quality and authenticity have a direct impact on your reputation. We initially analyze your reputation in the social web, from what sub-aspects it is made up and how you fare with this approach relative to the competition. Subsequently we work out a strategy enabling you to continuously influence your image.

Crisis Management

Our alerts serve to inform you timely of any special occurrences on the social web. This comprises, for example, that the amount of posts related to your company increases strongly or their tonality changes unexpectedly. This allows you to react in time before a crisis comes into being.

    Stakeholder Profiling

    From a perspective of stakeholder profiling we determine which stakeholders comment primarily about your business and your issues. Amongst others, you receive information about whether to journalists, bloggers and experts or employees, customers and suppliers mainly interact on the social web. You will also learn what positions the individual groups assume on relevant issues and which stakeholders significantly determine the opinion published on the social web.

    Influencer profiling

    As part of our Influencer Management, we determine the users with the most relevant content, range and networking. Typical influencer profiles provide insights on the motivation, qualification, professional background and the relevant channels, that are operated by an influencer.

    Customer Loyalty Strategies

    The social web offers lots of ways to get in touch with your customers. We work out the appropriate channels for you and develop a practical approach on how to use the social web for your customer management.

    Network Analysis

    Our network analyzes visualize the ways in which new topics find their way into the social web and how they are being spread there. This provides you with useful insights on e.g. which traditional media exert influence on the communication on the social web. You can also track which particular influencers regularly set new tones and trends.


    With our analysis approach Netnography we examine, for example, which of your consumer groups exchange information on the social web about your products and services, which platforms are being preferred in this context and how the different groups communicate with each other.

    Benchmark Analysis

    Our benchmark analysis delivers insights about the media presence of your company relative to your competitors. You thus receive an overview of how your market environment is positioned, whilst simultaneously recognizing the strengths and weaknesses of your own social media work.

    Brand Monitoring

    The brand monitoring is focused on how users speak about your brands and products on the social web. Alerts, tonality updates and summaries enable you to track the statements in near real time.

    Evaluation of events, fairs, events, product launches, sponsorship etc.

    Our event analysis allows you to find out in real time, how your new product, your open day or your exhibit has been received by the communities on the social web. Moreover, you can immediately respond if required.

    Customer Services

    We bring to you find out what kind of reputation enjoys your customer on the social web. Based on these findings example, you can improve your service specifically or as needed to expand. Likewise, the results can provide information on whether it would be useful to build a social media-bound customer service.

    Measurement Of Campaign Effectiveness

    Based on the social media monitoring we can measure precisely how effective your campaigns turned out to be. We deliver information on range, buzz, interaction rate and sentiment.

    What happens with the results?

    We provide you with recommendations for your social media strategy and help you to achieve the defined PR and communication goals. In order to effectively integrate the findings into your business processes, we recommend that you pre-define response policies. These should, among others, determine what is being done in the case of emerging crises, how to deal with customer complaints or how to get in touch with key influencers.

    Bojan Radoja - Head of Social Media Research & Analytics

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