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Radio and TV monitoring

When it comes to the reliable media monitoring of radio and TV broadcasters, we cooperate with a number of partners, which feature the latest speech recognition technology and are thus able to filter relevant news pieces in the shortest period of time.

Radio and TV make no break

Radio and television never stop – which is why we continuously monitor a source media set for you, covering 115 TV channels, 153 radio stations and more than 6,000 broadcasts in Germany alone. The automated speech recognition enables us to identify and make digitally available TV or radio broadcasts immediately, which mention any of your keywords. This means that you initially receive a brief podcast of about 10 seconds in length and will also be informed of date, broadcast and subject. Subsequently you can decide whether you wish to order the complete news piece in order to see or listen to its entire content. On request, we can add a summary to the metadata, allowing you to quickly grasp the essentials of the news piece.

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