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Press Review

Our press review services stand out by providing you exactly with the information required for your daily work.

International and across all media sources

Our ultimate goal is to meet your individual requirements for media monitoring, PR controlling and communication planning every day in the best possible way. This objective implies that our digital solutions are individually configurable and can be tailored precisely to the very specific needs of our customers. Secondly, we are well aware how important it is that you have a tool providing all the relevant media information at any time.
Therefore, our tools for media monitoring and analysis include on request news pieces from across all media sources, ranging from traditional print articles to radio reports and user-generated content from various social media platforms – regardless of whether you wish to select exclusively on media from Germany or also want to include international media sources.

Meta data: The most important things come first

In addition to the relevant news pieces of the day, our media review also offers you additional information about circulation, distribution, advertising value equivalent (AVE), visits, cost per mille (CPM) or broadcasting duration.
Moreover, our media review services include OCR texts, enabling you to conduct full text searches as may be required for certain search terms. This may occur, for example, if you don’t know exactly which article a particular person was mentioned. In conjunction with our customer portal NewsRadar®, which also serves as an article archive, you can access comprehensive filter functions usable across your entire media coverage.

Your coverage in your CI

On request, we can design and deliver the media review according to your corporate identity and e.g. customize fonts and colour schemes, add a cover sheet in line with your specifications or install certain key visuals from your company. Please do not hesitate to tell us your wishes in this matter.

FAQs about media review & copyright in Germany

Which law governs the distribution of print articles?

The distribution of printed articles in a press reviews is governed by the German Copyright Law (§ 49 Urheberrechtsgesetz, UrhRG).

This regulation generally prohibits the digital storage of newspaper articles without permission by the author.
Legally permitted are only seven photocopies of an article. If you require more copies, you can opt to legalize them by paying a fee to the collecting society VG Wort. Electronic storage, however, remains prohibited using this procedure. Yet, copyrighted documents of internal media reviews are copied by users in many companies, without taking the legal consequences into account. After all, digital press reviews are often the most cost-effective and only legally compliant alternative.

Do articles from online media also require licensing?

Articles from online media are only subject to legal licensing requirements if they are reproduced in full length in the media review. Since we supply only text excerpts of the articles and links to the original source (deep linking) to our customers, no license fees apply for online media monitoring.

Upon explicit request, we provide the relevant articles as full text versions. According to § 49 UrhRG (German Copyright Act), these articles must be licensed in this case and and are subject to the same requirements as digitally reproduced print articles.

What is a digital media review and which versions exist?

Digital media reviews can be classified according to the underlying media license. A distinction must be made between licensing through VG Wort and Presse-Monitor-Gesellschaft (PMG), respectively.

According to § 49 UrhRG (German Copyright Act), a digital “VG Word” media review is a press review which is digitally created and / or distributed, and which exclusively includes articles from newspapers and other publications published on a daily basis. Thus, news articles from scientific journals or trade magazines may not be included in this type of media review.

A digital “PMG” media review, however, is a media review, in which the contained news articles are licensed by the abovementioned PMG. On the one hand, PMG sells licenses for electronic use of independently created digitized news articles and, on the other hand, also makes articles available in digital form. Digital media review, which are created in line with this approach, offer extensive storage, distribution and archiving rights compared to the media review version offered by “VG Wort”.

Do I need a license contract for my digital media review?

If you want to use a digital media review, you will definitely need to conclude a licensing agreement with a collecting society such as Presse-Monitor-Gesellschaft (PMG) or VG Wort. These service providers also regulate all other rights in connection with the creation of electronic media reviews – e.g. image rights and archiving rights. Of course we take care of license management on behalf of our customers, enabling you to stay focused on the essentials.

Which license fees apply for my digital media review?

The amount of the license fees for a news article is determined directly by the publishers, whose interests are represented by the Presse-Monitor-Gesellschaft (PMG). Generally it can be stated that the amount of license fees primarily depends on the number of media review users.
We would like to offer you discussing the amount of expected license fees for your individual media review in a personal conversation with you. Please don’t hesitate to call us or send us an e-mail.

Can I also purchase the image rights for my media review?

If you want to receive your media review including press photos and pictures, you can purchase the image rights for these graphics. 

The terms of acquiring image rights also depend on the number of recipients / readership. We are pleased to advise you in this matter!
This means that upon request, we integrate both the relevant articles and the corresponding press photos, charts and tables, given that they are available in digital form.

Are news snippets from international sources also subject to licensing laws?

Even news pieces that do not originate from Germany are subject to the German Copyright Act. Depending on the country of origin, however, very different license agreements and license costs may apply. We therefore advise every customer on an individual basis, which provisions must be complied with in his particular case.

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