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Online Monitoring

Knowing faster where you are positioned

Thanks to our targeted approach to online monitoring, you always have an overview of where anything on your company and topics is being published. To this end, our search engines scan on a 24/7 basis a vast media set of national and international online media in line with your predefined search terms and topics. Relevant articles are added to your personal customer portal NewsRadar® X, almost in real time, and can be sent to you with your next media review. Irrelevant articles are automatically or manually sorted out. Simultaneously, we are working with a media set of currently around 45,000 online media approved by us, from more than 150 countries, which we monitor almost in real time.


At the same time we are working with a qualified media set consisting of currently 45,000 online media, which we can include virtually in real time to our customer portal NewsRadar®. This approach enables us to exclude irrelevant news sites, such as websites that distribute automated news content without any editing work. On the other hand, we can complement the media set upon request at any time, for example by adding particular trade press news websites, which you might require for your media monitoring.

Target-oriented alerting as an early warning system for crisis communication

To make it easier for you to keep track of the current online media coverage, we are able to set up tailor-made alerts for our customers on request. For instance, you will always be notified whenever a particular medium publishes a news item relating to your company. Alternatively, we inform you if the amount of news items suddenly skyrockets, or whatsoever – do you have any specific questions? We are at your service!

Our monitoring services for you:

  • Monitoring of around 45,000 German-language and international online media almost in real time
  • Individual extension of the media set is possible at any time
  • Proprietary development of crawler and search engine technology, maximum flexibility & quality
  • Use as an effective early warning system (alerting)
  • Electronic media review in any desirable format
Romina Gersuni, Global Strategy Manager

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