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You want to have all relevant media coverage at a glance on your screen? And see directly whether a particular topic elicits a big media response, or whether an eagerly awaited interview with a management board member has eventually been published? – Then NewsRadar® is the perfect solution for you.

The integrated platform for monitoring, analysis and controlling

With our customer portal NewsRadar® we offer an individually configurable platform, which offers a concise and well-arranged overview of the monitoring and analysis results. Both news pieces from various media sources as well as analysis graphics can be retrieved here.

At the same time NewsRadar® offers an archive, which comprises the entire media coverage and all news articles that we have ever provided for you. In connection with comfortable search functions – which also include full-text search, search for certain media sources or headlines – NewsRadar® enables you to compile spontaneously ad-hoc media reviews on certain topics. Moreover, NewsRadar® serves you to review certain news pieces once again, for instance, because they deal with certain events.

CRM database including a built-in email client application

Effective immediately, the pressrelations portal NewsRadar® provides you with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) database – including a built-in email client application – that you can use to keep your contacts up to date as well as to create mailing lists. We’ll be glad to assist you with:

  • the simple Excel import of your mailing lists,
  • instant emailing,
  • emailing of press releases with attachments of up to 1 MB
  • and immediate contact updates in the database.

Of course, your account is personalised and password protected, so that only you can access your individually managed data. Another advantage: Your company (one single-user licence) will be able to work with the database free of charge until the end of 2016!

NewsRadar to go – the pressrelations app

For those who travel a lot or who wish to have their media review available also outside the office, we offer an app version of our online portal NewsRadar®. The app allows users to track the latest news from online media and social media sources. In addition, you can save individual news pieces – from whatever source – as a favourite or select news articles and send them by mail, for example, to inform colleagues about certain news reports.

Andreas Mumm, Head of Sales

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