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NewsRadar – a portal for monitoring, analysis and controlling

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Would you like to have a comprehensive overview of relevant media coverage on your computer screen and instantly see which topic currently is or isn’t causing heated debate and on which media channels? NewsRadar® puts all the monitoring and analysis data from all media sources at your fingertips. You will be able to access content from numerous media types along with analysis charts and information on journalists and influencers.

Only a click away

Useable data can be difficult to find, but it doesn’t have to be. How many articles have been written on the topic of your interest? Which journalists have followed up on it? Is it also present on YouTube and Co?
NewsRadar® will help you answer these and many other questions with just a few mouse clicks. An innovative customer portal harbours a cornucopia of information and is highly customisable as well as easily configurable according to your needs.

NewsRadar® X - Ansicht im Desktop

The most important services at a glance:

  • Cross-channel comparison of owned and earned media in one portal
  • Monitoring on a 24/7 basis including individual alerts
  • Creation of digital media reviews and highly topical analysis queries to support your communications controlling measures
  • Intuitive user interfaces and a high degree of customization
  • Detailed, user-specific dashboards with flexible evaluation options
  • Data export in various formats
  • Dispatch directly from the tool
  • Sharing feature directly via messenger
  • Comprehensive filter functions to provide you with a faster overview
  • Systematic archiving of article content and analysis data
  • Retroactive and targeted search for content (search functions by topic, opinion makers and article evaluation or free text search)

Powerful features:

In addition, you can optionally integrate numerous additional modules such as Social Media Profile Monitoring or Influencer Research.

Social Media Profile Monitoring that offers real added value

Receive relevant social media data to optimize your social media profiles. Compare your brands and campaigns with those of your competitors and measure the success of your content marketing campaigns. Thanks to our real-time monitoring, you can also respond adequately to critical alerts on your corporate social media channels and prevent crises even before they occur.

Efficient search, immediate results:

  • Get quick access to key social media success metrics, including Follower / Fan Change and Interaction Rate to optimize your social media content strategy
  • Compare the social media performance of Owned and Earned Media in one platform
  • Various filter options for your content management available
  • Purposeful competitor benchmarking: Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of your social media strategy based on benchmark charts

More information

Influencer Research and Monitoring - How to find the right influencer

The question of how to reach target groups away from classic advertising and marketing channels is getting increasingly important. One key path are influencers who have a high reputation and reach in the respective target group.

Our monitoring and analysis portal NewsRadar® X enables you to recognize your opinion leaders across all media types and to form an image of the influencer, his interests and topics. These are important preconditions for establishing contact, building relationships and convincing influencers, for instance, of your product. You receive access to key metrics about individual opinion leaders and their postings, including as buzz, interaction, and reach, which help you assess and select your influencers.

Your added value includes:

  • Identifying influencers that are relevant to your communication, brand and topics
  • Clear presentation of the news pieces, topics, tonality and mapping of key performance indicators on influence, relevance and reach
  • Cross-media linking of all data from publicly used media sources (print, online, social media) directly in a portal
  • Option to filter influencers according to efficiency and relevance

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Influencer Research: Ansicht im Newsradar® X - Desktop

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