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Media Monitoring by pressrelations

If you want to know exactly how the media are currently reporting about your company, your services, products and stakeholders, how your competitors are being portrayed in the media, or in what topics your customers are particularly interested, then we are definitely the right address for you.

Media monitoring with pressrelations - We keep an eye on your focus

Does a monitoring make sense that fails to capture the information that really matters to you? Of course not. What you really need are the relevant news pieces at the right time, no matter where you are –be it on the way or at work. This saves time and gives you the necessary advance in knowledge.

Be it print, online, social media, radio or TV, trade / industry media, daily press, blogs, fan pages or communications triggered by influencers – thanks to our proprietary crawler technologies and our worldwide partner network, we have a comprehensive range of national and international media at our disposal, which we capture and evaluate across all types of media for you. Our range of offers for your individual media monitoring includes:

  • Individual and customized media sets
  • Combination of Brain & Bytes: Automated preselection using our proprietary crawler technologies, manual post processing by experienced editors
  • Permanent contact persons, support and advice for your project
  • Cross-media monitoring, linking to analysis results via NewsRadar® X
  • Global Partner Network
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