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Made-to-measure media analysis

Every media analysis requires great efforts, intellectual abilities and, of course, the experience of our multilingual analysts. Our recipe for success is “brain & bytes” – which denotes efficient interaction of both automated search technologies for the pre-selection of data and manual review, quality management and efficient preparation of analysis reports usable at the executive level.

Insights that provide real added value

Our media analyses provide you with indispensable support in controlling and monitoring your communications and PR work. The strategic planning and definition of the targets is of particular importance to us. This approach requires prudent and individual advice at the beginning of each analysis project we may perform on your behalf. In close cooperation with you, we define your requirements and your analysis objectives. You are free to decide which issues need to be emphasized. Be it companies, competitors, products, brands, themes, actors, messages and opinions – depending on the analysis object and question, we are at your service to develop your individual analysis format and deliver insights that provide real added value.

Select your analysis modules and your reporting format

The analysis reporting is carried out in close coordination with you. Depending on your particular interests, we implement the analytical approaches that are relevant to you and determine form, design and cycle of analysis reporting. We prepare the reports usable at the executive level, for instance in the form of a management summary and annotated charts that can be used for both internal and external presentation purposes.


Benchmark analyses: A compass for your own media positioning

Benchmark analyses enable you to determine and evaluate your own media positioning media by comparison with the main competitors more in detail. Thus, you not only get an overview of the setup of your market environment, but also recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your media / PR work.

Benchmark analyses made by pressrelations:

- Determine the media positioning of your company within the industry;
- Provide important industry metrics and data to derive targets (nominal values)

Event analyses: That’s how your event will turn out as a success

Event analyses put you in a position to respond quickly to topical news coverage on an event (exhibition, conference, social media event). Our social media and online analyses provide you with insights in real-time on how your new product, open day or trade show appearance was discussed in the media, thus enabling you to react immediately or to devise future adjustments.

Sample of FirstSignals® study

FirstSignals® provides you with important issues and trends

Early identification of innovative issues and strategic trends and targeted use of market research and content marketing – that is the goal of our trend barometer GlobeScan. By capturing subjects with particularly high innovation potential, FirstSignals® provides you with important insights for your strategy, your market and your business development, thus supporting you and your team in the accurate positioning your own content and messages.

FirstSignals® enables you to:

  • Identify the latest and most relevant topics
  • Define and exploit opinion-forming buzzwords
  • Position your own topics, concepts and opinion leaders
  • Set up a target group-oriented agenda of topics

Input-output analyses: How effective are your communication activities?

The input-output analysis provides you with a clear picture of how effective your communication activities and measures have actually been. It therefore serves as an important indicator of your success and is a starting point to derive potential improvements.

  • To what extent is your communications work conveyed by the media coverage?
  • Which of your strategic key issues, information and contents were picked up and multiplied in any form?

Issues analyses: Get your topics straight to the point

Issues analyses demonstrate the extent to which different positions or arguments on a certain topic have been picked up by the media and how your how your company is positioned and being perceived in connection with that theme. They also provide information on emerging topics and trends and open up options and potentials of positioning your business with your particular core messages in the right places.
Continuous issues analyses also serve as a reliable early warning system and effective tool as part of your crisis management: We'll show you how to identify crises already in the development phase and to respond appropriately to the forerunners of possible crises.

Issues analyses provide answers to the following questions:

  • How do issue trends develop?
  • What opinion leaders or stakeholders are currently dealing with the issue?
  • What are the different positions or arguments represented by the opinion-leaders or stakeholders?
  • To what extent is the topic linked on an argumentative basis with other topics or events that are being discussed in the media?
  • To what extent a company, a brand or a product is associated with the topic?

Reader structure analysis: Who informs himself about you?

Are you aware whom you reach how frequently with your media and PR work?
Get to know your readers by exploiting the potential of our reader structure analysis. We help you to identify the key performance indicators for the evaluation of your media performance.

That’s how our approach looks like:

  • Based on the available media response on your company, your brand or your product, respectively, we derive a reader structure profile, which includes socio-demographic characteristics such as gender, age, household income and education levels, as well as behaviour and attitudes characteristics (such as changing intentions, brand preferences, etc.).
  • The reader structure data is consolidated in a target audience profile. Subsequently we determine how effectively this target group was reached through the media / PR work. To this end, important key performane indicators of media planning such as net coverage, GRP and OTS are shown.

NewsRadar® – your individual analysis portal

Thanks to our individually configurable online portal NewsRadar® you will always have all the important key figures and media developments at your fingertips by one mouse click – no matter where you are. Each graphic allows for direct access to the editorial content. This feature makes immediately comprehensible how issues develop and mutually influence each other across the various media channels. It also shows how your stakeholders comment on your company, product or brand and where precisely need for action is required.


Presence analyses: making success visible

As part of presence analyses, we measure the media presence of your company, your brand or your product and determine time, frequency (how often), scope and authors that referred to your topics.Moreover, we have developed a method which builds on the results of the presence analysis to determine the reader structure.

Amongst others, the analysis answers the following questions:

  • How many news pieces (or social media posts) and which media channels precisely reported about your company or product and what development can be derived from these insights?
  • Which advertising value equivalent (AVE) and what reach has been generated by the media coverage? (Circulation, readership, visits, reach, advertising equivalent value, geographical distribution)
  • Which people / writers / journalists / influencers reported on the topics that matter to you?

Reputation analyses: Securing your public image

Image, trust and credibility, product quality and authenticity have a direct impact on reputation. Companies, organizations or CEOs with good reputation are generally perceived as strong personalities and brands. Therefore, preserving and increasing the reputation are usually among the major communication goals.
The reputation analysis provides valuable information about the corporate image which is conveyed to the public:

  • How are company, brand, CEO or products represented in the media?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses that can be identified, also with regard to the competitors?
  • What topics are improving our image, which are dangerous to the image?
  • What strategy can be derived from these insights?

Stakeholder analyses: Do you know your opinion leaders?

The stakeholder analysis provides you with a detailed overview of all internal and external opinion leaders, which determine the reporting on a certain topic in the media. The different statements of each stakeholder group are subdivided according to their central positions in a bid to determine to what extend they are conveyed by the media. Amongst others, you will see whether journalists, bloggers, experts, employees, customers and suppliers have intensified their exchange of information. Likewise, you will learn how the individual groups comment on the relevant issues are and what stakeholders emerge to be opinion leaders.

Central questions:

  • Which stakeholders comment on a particular topic?
  • Which stakeholders emerge to be opinion leaders in the media?
  • In which media arenas are the stakeholders represented?
  • What positions are represented by the stakeholders on the different topics?
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