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Identifying, monitoring and managing media influencers – and all of that by using just a single tool: Discover the opinion leaders that matter most to your communications and PR objectives whilst building up a strong network you can rely on.

Why should be aware of your media influencers:

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  • Influencers or opinion leaders usually have both a high reputation and reach in a specific target group or an issue-area and can therefore serve as important multipliers.
  • Influencers can generate attention for your topics and communication messages and provide them with weight and credibility.

For communications and PR professionals, marketing or social media managers, it is crucial question how they can best reach out to their target audiences with topics, information, brand and product-related messages. pressrelations' Influencer Research is designed to support your content and media management and to give you new options for networking, interaction and distribution.

Advantages of our Influencer Research tool include:

In order to contact influencers in an individual dialogue and interact with them, you need to know who is active on your topics: Who is communicating what content through which channels? And what precisely is the effect achieved thereby?

  • We identify the authors / journalists that are crucial to your communications work and PR activities, your brand and your topics.
  • We determine those influencers that are featuring a particularly high degree of efficiency and utmost relevance for you.
  • We work across all media sources and link up all public media channels used by the author (print, online, social media).
  • We provide you with a comprehensive overview of the different news pieces, topics, tonality and key figures as regards impact, relevance and reach (relevance scores).
  • We prepare the core data for you in the form of qualified journalists / influencer profiles containing background information and contact details (commitment / distribution management).
  • All results are conveniently accessible for you on a 24/7 basis through your online portal NewsRadar®.

Key features:

At a glance: The relevant key influencers

The summary page of the influencer research module shows the relevant authors. Flexible full-text search is also provided to identify key authors.

Search function: Find your influencers

Our advanced search mask allows you to identify influencers according to specific selection criteria such as topics, relevance or sources. In addition, a large number of filters (for example, by age, relevance, gender) is available.

Issues and sentiment analysis: How does the news coverage about your core issues look like?

This analysis serves to examine all news pieces of an author, which were gathered in a preceding media monitoring. All analysis graphics – e.g. on the distribution of topics – contain links to the respective news pieces. They also include an overview about the tonality / sentiment and a timeline allowing for individual viewing of the news reports, etc.

Qualified Data: Influencer profiles updated by editors

The dossier contains a profile text updated by editors, contact information, biographical information, information on the individual contact history, an overview of the channels used by the influencer including key figures and information regarding level of activity, plus social impact and media impact.

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