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Content Centricity Research

Cross-media planning plus management and control of effective topic content

The effective planning and management of topic content across all media channels are among the most important tasks of content managers and communication departments. A major challenge is to monitor and evaluate countless news items on a variety of channels, to select relevant topics, to respond adequately and to define their processing and publication. Our Content Centricity analysis method supports you in your cross-media topic planning, optimization and management, thus providing you with valuable insights for your strategy and communication work. If you would like to know how to successfully communicate your topic content to the right audience at the right time using the appropriate media channel, our interdisciplinary analysis will provide you with relevant data on your core topics, which in turn will give you a detailed overview of the media landscape, as well as insights into user expectations and topic acceptance. We identify trends and topics for you and evaluate the tonality and relevance of the opinions expressed on the Internet as well as the expectations of the users and the traffic potential for search engines from a media-, opinion-, user- and company-centered analysis perspective. In addition, we comprehensively prepare the results for you in clear topic scorecards.

Content Centricity Research

Content Centricity Research: Cross-media analysis

Your added value: you will receive relevant information on the following key questions:

  • Media-centered - Which presence and acceptance do your core topics generate in the media? How do your topic careers develop in the media? How strongly is your company / brand associated with these topics? How does your company / brand position itself in the media relative to your industry? And finally, who are the driving actors?
  • Opinion-centered - Which media attention and relevance do these topics receive from the active public (user-generated postings)? What comments are being made? How does tonality evolve relative to these trends? Which stakeholders are currently reporting and discussing your topics and which influencers are those to multiply them?
  • Corporate-centric - How do your fans and followers respond to the content of your corporate communication channels? Which content generates the greatest and least interest in direct comparison of all your profiles and pages? And finally, which best and worst practice examples can be derived from competitor benchmarking?
  • User-centered - How visible are your topics in search engines? Which topics are relevant from the user’s point of view and are in demand most frequently in the search engines? To what extent did you cover and reply to all relevant, related topics and search terms as well as open questions from users regarding your core topics?

Media perception of Deutsche Bank from four analysis perspectives

Image: pressrelations | Content Centricity Research on the example of Deutsche Bank

pressrelations cooperates with prmagazin to create exciting monthly analyses of the latest issues and trends. It starts with an evaluation of the Deutsche Bank campaign #PositiverBeitrag (positive impact) from four different perspectives.

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That’s how our approach works:

In the Content-Centricity analysis process, we examine topics using interdisciplinary analysis methods such as media response analysis, social media monitoring & analytics, content, search and keyword analysis and combine the results.

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