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Service: Checklist Analysis

In a bid to ensure that your media analysis delivers consistent results which are practically relevant to and usable for your daily business, they should be tailored to your specific needs and your questions. The following questions will assist you in determining the analysis objectives and the planning of the analysis design of your individual media analysis:

Key questions for the planning your analysis

What questions would you like to be answered?

  • In which target media my company is represented and how has the news coverage developed over the course of time (presence analysis)?
  • Which media impact has been achieved by my company relative to the main competitors (benchmark analysis)?
  • What topics determine the media coverage on my company (issues analysis)?
  • How is my company positioned in the media with its various products?
  • What are the key corporate / communication messages that shall be conveyed through the media?
  • Which media response has been elicited by my PR activities and what share of the media coverage was reached (input-output model)?
  • What opinion leaders or stakeholders determine the media coverage on a particularly strategic topic (stakeholder analysis)?
  • What is the tonality of media reporting on my business?

    What analysis objectives did you define for yourself?

    • What shall be measured with your media analyses?
    • For which purpose do you want to use the results of your analysis?
    • Who are the recipients of your analysis results?
    • What period of time shall be subject to analysis?
    • What are the most important media for your company or industry, respectively?
    • Which companies are your main competitors?
    • What strategic issues and communication messages do you want to convey with your PR / media work?
    • Which key performance indicators do you want to manage with your media work?

    How quick do you need the results of your media analysis?

    An important criterion in the selection of the appropriate service provider for your ad-hoc media analysis is the speed of response at which a planned or unforeseen media event can be analyzed.

    • Be it a social media event, annual press conference, exhibition or urgent communication crisis – we provide you with a fast and focused overview of the current media situation, enabling you to respond virtually immediately. To this end, we evaluate all major media channels (print, online, TV, radio and social media) for you.
    • Within 24 hours we deliver preliminary media analysis results presentable at the executive level.

      What is the appropriate form of representation for your analysis results?

      • In which frequency you need the analysis results (monthly, quarterly, etc.)?
      • Do you require daily updated access to the most important data via our online portal (NewsRadar®)?
      • In which reporting format should the analysis results be prepared?
      • Will a media dashboard be needed for the reporting?
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