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preceptor: Communication success can be measured!

Measuring complex communication on a scientific basis activities is our mission.

Applying multi-methodological research approaches and exploratory analysis of large amounts of data, preceptor provides you with accurate indicators of the success of your PR / communications work. The results support you in documenting the added value contributed by your project both internally and externally.

Our analyses provide the relevant information for strategy development at the conceptual stage, for the process-accompanying controlling of continuing operations and for the systematic evaluation of accomplished projects.

The systematic content analysis of coverage is in parts carried out automatically by experienced editors in line with reliable and proven coding schemes and is supported by an analysis software developed by preceptor that prevents inconsistent entries and incorrect entries. In our online portal news coverage is continuously monitored, whilst the most important key performance indicators (KPIs) are being determined and provided.

Effectiveness and efficiency are key criteria in professional project, PR and communication management. The overall result of related communication measures should not depend on individual perception or individual experiences, as standardized methods for validation of communications success can be applied.

Range of services

  • Issues, topics and competitor tracking
  • Industry and benchmark analyses
  • Continuous and project-related PR evaluation
  • Reputational and opinion management
  • Communications strategy
  • Data Science
  • Process moderation



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