Our Self-Conception

pressrelations has developed its product offerings since 2001 for communication professionals in companies, institutions and agencies. Ever since, we always strived to meet our clients’ ever-increasing demands to offer custom-made, digital services. In so doing, we continue to deliver valuable services to our customers in the new Information Age and ensure capturing, linking, reviewing and interpreting communication and market-relevant data. It is and remains one of our primary objectives to reveal relationships and provide you with new, relevant insights.

Brain & Bytes

Admittedly, we are technology- driven ever since our company’s foundation. There is virtually no process, no measure so far, which we did not improve by an appropriate use of technology.
We currently employ 15 in-house developers that are driving the development of our tools, portals and formats in agile teams organized by the so-called Scrum / Kanban methods. To achieve a particularly good user experience, user experience plays an even more important role for us in software development since 2014.
It is one of our fundamental maxims to apply as much automation as possible, whilst not relinquishing as much human intelligence as necessary for project success. This hybrid approach ensures a high degree of quality, creativity and individuality in the design and accomplishment of our orders.

pressrelations as an interface coordinator

“Everything from one source” – i.e. the application of the Kanban principle – is not an empty phrase for us. Our client advisors, editors and analysts consider themselves as constant companions right at the interface between our customers and the manifold tools and services offered by other service providers. We analyze the needs of our customers and develop individual project settings whilst taking your needs and budget restraints into account. From our perspective, this approach serves as the basis of a good relationship – and thus ensures a reliable, long-term cooperation.

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