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About us


pressrelations was founded in 2001 and today is one of the leading service providers for digital media monitoring and media analysis, serving you with more than 150 employees at the three locations in Germany (Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin). Our core competencies are in areas including the collection and analysis of media and marketing data across different media types.

Being a specialist in media monitoring and media analysis, we always keep an eye on our customers and tailor our services to the needs and requirements of the market. In so doing, we attribute great importance to combining and enhancing our services with state-of-the-art technology whilst developing the optimum solution for every task. All across Germany, we are one of the first providers to consider the cross-media capturing and analysis of company-relevant data in depth, to integrate it with classic media response analyses and derive valuable insights from it.



Brain & Bytes

Admittedly, we are technology- driven ever since our company’s foundation. There is virtually no process, no measure so far, which we did not improve by an appropriate use of technology.
We currently employ 15 in-house developers that are driving the development of our tools, portals and formats in agile teams organized by the so-called Scrum / Kanban methods. To achieve a particularly good user experience, user experience plays an even more important role for us in software development since 2014.
It is one of our fundamental maxims to apply as much automation as possible, whilst not relinquishing as much human intelligence as necessary for project success. This hybrid approach ensures a high degree of quality, creativity and individuality in the design and accomplishment of our orders.

Broadly based - pressrelations´ business units

pressrelations’ businesses units can be subdivided into four segments. We support you in your PR / communication work, ranging from the identification of your multipliers, the distribution of your press reviews and the monitoring and control of the success of your communications work. Our customized online portal solutions provide for maximum transparency on a 24/7 basis and support you in your daily work.

Monitoring und Analysis
We monitor media, channels and opinions – worldwide and around the clock, on an online and offline basis. Our services include monitoring of print and online media, TV and radio broadcasts, social media and social networks including social TV. We also directly collect and provide available metrics of both traditional and social media for you – and, in line with your needs, set them in a context that offers you relevant insights.

Planning and Distribution

You are asking yourself in which medium and on which channel you should be represented with what content? And you wonder who your top influencers are? We can help you with these tools:

  • pressrelations' Influencer Research, which identifies the influencers relevant to your topics and reveals the authors of the news coverage on your company, provides insights on which multipliers are particularly strongly focused on what particular issue.
  • With Themax, our editorial calendar database.
  • With the pressrelations press portal, which allows you to distribute your press releases easily (a small fee applies).
  • With our new distribution management solution, which can be integrated to your portal solution. Create mailing lists conveniently and distribute your publications purposefully using your NewsRadar®.


pressrelations has expanded its product portfolio in 2014 by adding classic market research services and complex, communications science topic analyses on a retroactive basis.

We think outside the box. Therefore, we also include web analytics data into the monitoring. This approach provides insights on your web performance, for instance to the extent of your content distribution as compared to the competitive environment. It also reveals the significance for the communication impact. We help you to understand which metrics really matter to you.


We also develop software. For media monitoring service providers, analyses and agencies. National and international monitoring and analysis service providers use technology developed by pressrelations – and adapted to local conditions – to serve their customers and markets. An even more valuable side effect is that we create interfaces to other systems and thus, also offer an abundance of options to our end customers.

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