It sounds like a dream come true: No more rummaging around your wallet looking for cash or your debit card – just use your smartphone to pay at checkout. This relatively new form of cashless transactions is called mobile payment or simply mPayment.

Mobile payment helps to speed up and simplify the payment process, making it a lot less hassle for consumers. Given these advantages, one would expect mobile payment systems to have become standard in Germany by now. The reality, however, is different: In Germany, cashless payment via smartphone is still in its infancy.
By contrast, mobile payment services have spread faster in Switzerland and they are already more established.
The launch of Apple Pay in Switzerland represents an important milestone for the local mobile payment market. For the present social media analysis on mPayment in Switzerland, pressrelations compared existing providers of mobile payment systems such as Apple Pay, TWINT, Paymit and SwissWallet in the social web.

To this purpose, we analyzed important key performance indicators such as

  • buzz
  • interaction
  • distribution across media channels as well as
  • potential reach and
  • we identified high-impact influencers with increased relevance for the topic at hand.

Mobile Payment in Switzerland

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The preannouncement of Apple Pay in Switzerland was a resounding success in terms of the buzz it created. Apple Pay was referenced with 1,224 mentions, leading the ranking by a wide margin, followed by the Swiss payment services TWINT (372 mentions), Paymit (239 mentions) and SwissWallet (8 mentions).

It will be exciting to see which provider ultimately prevails and how long it will take until mobile payment is accepted by the majority of consumers.
Apple Pay is currently not available in Germany.

For the present analysis pressrelations evaluated posts from different social media channels such as blogs, forums, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and Flickr (in German, English, French and Italian). The period of investigation from June 1 to June 30 included the preannouncement of the launch of Apple Pay in Switzerland (on June 7) to ensure all relevant changes prior to the launch would be accounted for.

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Infographic created by:
Nadja Iftikhar, editor and social media analyst at pressrelations GmbH
Nadja Iftikhar has worked both for pressrelations’ editorial department and the company’s social media team since 2014. She gained professional experience in journalism, publishing and internal communication before and after studying abroad in London. She completed her traineeship with a media monitoring company that operates at the global level. Her main interest lies in the interplay of effects of intercultural communication and the corresponding media responses.

Online Marketing und Social Media Managerin Anja KlosterArticle written by Anja Kloster, Marketing Manager at pressrelations GmbH
Anja Kloster works as a marketing manager and developer of social media monitoring solutions for pressrelations GmbH in Berlin. She writes about social media, online marketing and SEO. Prior to joining pressrelations, she worked as a social media content manager and research & program planning manager for international media groups.

Anna Hollain1Translation by Anna-Maria Hollain, Translator & Media Analyst at pressrelations GmbH
Since 2011 Anna-Maria Hollain has been working as a translator and media analyst. Before that, she was an intern at the Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS in Madrid, where she wrote for the newspaper’s global edition. Her research interests include aspects of linguistic and cultural transfer across media channels and the interplay of journalism and media monitoring.

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