Our Key Account Managers – Jacks of All Trades

You might be familiar with this scenario: In media monitoring there seem to be a thousand details to consider and to identify these is not an easy feat. The same is true for media analysis: The goals and requirements of stakeholders as different as management, marketing, communications and press office need to be integrated. And on top of that you want an affordable and comprehensible result everyone can use. As these different aspects also vary from industry to industry, company to company and even department to department, each of our customers has their personal key account manager to help them conquer all those challenges.

Individual Consultation at the Forefront

As key account managers we accompany clients and their projects all the way. We are familiar with their use of media reviews and analyses, know where potential challenges might arise and help set-up a project designed for each client’s goals.

This is at the core for our team of 8: encompassing and individual consultation.

From setting up search profiles, to invoice details and requests about your press review, we are your contact for all questions. Need an overview of your current project, information on international licensing or an update of your search terms? Give your key account manager a call!

Team Work – Intensive Exchange With Our Colleagues

Besides keeping close contact with our clients we also work closely together with our colleagues from other teams such as editors and analysts. Questions that arise in our day-to-day business or need coordination with the client are our bread and butter. Of course there is also constant exchange with our sales team. A joint collaboration during the start of a project ensures a smooth handover with our clients’ wishes at the center. “Our team is essentially a team of all-rounders who know all the services we provide and the workflows we have”, Oliver Heyden, Head of Key Account Management, summarizes the tasks. “We assist whenever a project needs clarifying, client requirements change or a client simply isn’t sure who to address with their questions.”

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: Phone +49 (0) 211 / 1752077 804 or email at mail@pressrelations.de.

Translation of the article in English by Key Account Manager Alicia Jos:

alicia_josAlicia Jos is part of pressrelations since 2011 and has experience in editorial and analysis projects. Since 2014 she works as key account manager for international clients with a focus on the insurance sector and the technology industry. Alicia Jos majored in East Asian Studies and Politics and is fluent in English and Indonesian.

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