While on a lookout for high quality journalistic articles on the internet, sooner or later we come across something along the lines of ‘Please register to read the entire article’ or ‘The rest is only available to our subscribers’. At this point you can either pay a fee to read the article or keep googling. At the end of the day, publishers earn their living by selling their content, and they do work hard to create it. In view of the dwindling printed media sales it is only logical for them to ask for your money in exchange for their online content.

The fact that publishers are trying to make money online has been gaining more acceptance recently, but the buying and payment process of individual online articles is still seen as troublesome and inconvenient by many readers.

Paywalled articles versus comprehensive information

The process of incorporating paywalled articles into a professional media review is even more complicated. Companies use media reviews to stay up-to-date on how they, their products or specific topics are portrayed in the media. This is where high quality journalistic content behind the paywall is of the highest interest. However, as of now, the integration of paid content into a media review is nothing short of a challenge. It is virtually impossible to include such articles into a media review.
The first challenge is to actually find such articles as in the majority of cases search engines cannot find them automatically based on keywords and search phrases. Manual search through the countless paid content domains is too time-consuming and too expensive for the customers. As a consequence, these articles remain invisible and never make it into a media review.

In some cases it is technically possible for the crawlers to search the paywalled articles for keywords. Even so, such articles cannot be integrated into a media review for copyright reasons. Normally, the full text of articles from online media is not shown or delivered to the reader in order to avoid violating the licensing rights of the publisher and the author. Instead, the media review has a link to the original article. However, it makes little sense to do the same for paid content as the reader will not be able to access the full text of the piece due to paywall limitations.

Possible solutions for publishing paid content in media reviews

Until recently, companies that absolutely wanted to see such articles in their media reviews had only one option: they had to buy access to each relevant media source of paid content for every reader of the media review.

This option is expensive and very inconvenient, even if you put a link to the paywalled article in the media review. After clicking on the link the reader will have to log in to his or her account for every media source in order to see the complete article.

However, it is all in the past now. Thanks to the advantages of the extended database (of PMG) pressrelations is already able to deliver full text articles from most paywalled sources (currently about 125) without risking any copyright infringements. This means that the readers of the media review now directly receive the unabridged version of the text and are not inconvenienced by any limitations.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions or would like to extend your media set.

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