Our decentralised sales department with offices in Düsseldorf, Berlin and Hamburg knows the market inside out. In a short interview Betti Pflieger, Andreas Quest, Romina Gersuni and Andreas Mumm speak about the new challenges, customer wishes and market trends. 


Trends, topics and challenges

Betti, as a newcomer in the Sales team, what is the most exciting part of your job?
Betti: During my studies I have worked in customer service, and this is exactly what I find exciting about working in sales. You take on new tasks on a daily basis and have to address individual customer requests – it never gets boring. Aside from that, I constantly interact with interesting people and businesses which is another perk of my job. The additional responsibility of Sales Controlling is a welcome change in the daily inbound work which helps me live out my passion for Excel.

Andreas, you have 18 years of experience in Sales. What inspires you, and what are the never-ending challenges that you encounter?
Andreas Quest: I am mostly motivated by the consultancy aspect of the job and the unabating variety of individual customer requests.

Andreas, you too have a vast experience of over 25 years in Sales. Which changes have you observed in the market in regard to customer requests and needs?
Andreas Mumm: The ongoing digitisation is without doubt a major force in the transformation of customer demands and needs. The conventional digital media review is still by far the most popular product. However, today DAX30 companies are not the only ones to have realised the importance of Social Media Monitoring. On the other hand, the outlines of its role, implementation and substance are often rather unclear. Our task for the upcoming years will be to provide advice and deliver a final product via our new portal NewsRadar® X in a clear and informative manner over all media genres and channels while keeping in mind the requirements for the newsroom of the future.

Romina, here at pressrelations you primarily focus on international business customers. When it comes to software solutions, do you see similar developments abroad or are there major differences in the markets?
Romina: I would say there are three major fields which differ from market to market: automation, media landscape and copyright.

Automation, Media landscape, copyright

Automated, partly automated or manual workflow? There are markets, such as the US, where SaaS (software as a service) companies are extremely popular. In these countries monitoring software solutions (SaaS solutions/portals) are very strong, and the company’s focus is primarily set on in-house solutions. In comparison, German businesses are looking for service providers such as pressrelations for creation and editing of cross-media content and analysis data.

Media landscape
The media landscape of a country is as unique as the country itself. In Germany printed press has managed to hold its position so far whereas in Africa digital media has practically become the default. At the same time South America is still very unwilling to give up its traditional media.

There are many copyright standards world-wide: for example, in Germany there are special licence terms for print and online articles coordinated by the Presse Monitor GmbH. In the internal European comparison, Germany has the highest licensing costs for print media review articles. By contrast, in countries such as Switzerland, the licencing standards are much more flexible. Therefore, different countries use different service providers and delivery options, and digitise print articles individually from selected sources as needed. This is a challenge as the newspaper market is very diverse.

These three factors clearly have influence on how we offer our software solutions. This includes, just to name a few, specialised interfaces for external service providers as well as adjustments based on special demands of the licensing bodies.

Which changes in the markets do you see in regard to AI, Digitisation and Big Data? How do these trends influence your work?
In a nutshell, what this technological developments means to our market and work:

  • New target groups, where marketing sales and PR work as one.
  • New products, where we develop integrated cross medial concepts and solutions such us Newsrooms
  • New services, focusing on deeper analytical responses and consultative work with our clients.

Digitalization big data and AI
The digital transformation is rapidly changing several business and organisational structures. Keeping up-to-date with artificial intelligence and big data in order to master digitalization represent a major challenge nowadays.

An essential change-driver here, lies in the strong growth of content volumes. With the exponential growth of data and the resulting new data-driven business models, enterprise data literacy becomes a crucial aspect for business success.

Thus, utilizing these huge amounts of information analytically in order to make faster business decisions, e.g., accurately predict customer behaviour, and automate processes, is key.
The vast amounts of data are a critical foundation for developing and deploying applications based on artificial intelligence (AI).

Thank you for your time! 

Our Sales department

Betti Pflieger joined pressrelations in January 2016. In her role as a Junior Sales Executive she is responsible for Controlling and the management of internal sales. Betti has years of experience in customer service and the tourist industry.

Andreas Quest joined pressrelations in 2011. He oversees the sales of our monitoring and analysis services in the West and North Germany and holds a teaching position for Communication Controlling at the media college in Mittweida.

Romina Gersuni is pressrelations’s Global Strategy Manager. She has more than twelve years of experience in the media intelligence industry. During her career Romina has had the opportunity to work in Sales as well as in Operations which gave her a deep understanding for demand as well as for technical possibilities. Since 2013 she has been part of pressrelations where she consolidated the company’s software business division. Romina is responsible for improving strategies, products, and partnerships as well as for commercializing pressrelations’ services and solutions.

Andreas Mumm has been managing the Sales team at pressrelations since January 2017 and became the member of the executive board in April 2018. His passion lies in building and maintaining customer relations. Andreas has gathered his experience in numerous media companies as part of the Sales team. Currently he resides in Berlin but is always excited about personal appointments all over Germany and beyond.

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