Two weeks ago pressrelations attended the 8th AMEC Summit on communication measurement at the Hilton London Bankside, where the latest thoughts and ideas on communications, measurement and analytics were shared. Romina Gersuni, Global Strategy Manager at pressrelations, Cassandra Syms, Communications Executive at FIBEP and Lisa Bodzenta, Press & Communications Officer at Observer GmbH talked about online and social media strategies and the role of technology for the media intelligence industry. Find out about their ideas regarding the future strategy of the media intelligence industry and its link with the upcoming FIBEP congress.

pressrelations blog: At this year’s summit, we had the opportunity to hear Steven Mehringer, Head of NATO’s Communication Technologies Section. He said that “we need to speak the right language to the audience, in order to be able to connect and to understand them”. NATO had to go through this change, because they didn’t have any kind of online or social media strategy in place until about ten years ago. Lisa, I’m actually quite interested in getting to know your point of view on this because I know that you were also engaged in an international political organization. Can you tell me what you think about it?

Lisa Bodzenta: Well, referring to my background, I was in the public sector before. I worked for the Austrian Embassy in Berlin and for the EU in Brussels. There I was part of the communications and press team, so I was involved in the development and analysis of social media strategies and its impact on our audience. This is my first AMEC Summit and I’m really excited to be here. Listening to the Head of NATO’s Communication Technologies Section I was particularly interested in learning about how they developed their social media strategies and which experiences they can share acting in the public sector.

Cassandra, actually I have a little bit of a tricky question for you. We also heard yesterday that Petra Mašínová, Global CEO of NEWTON Media, believes that technology is inevitable and that it’s actually an investment into insights. This means we’re trying to help humans to get more insights out of information. During the last FIBEP Congress, we had the opportunity to learn a little bit more about Oracle and IBM. I’m quite interested in picking your brain and knowing which are your thoughts on this.

Cassandra Syms: As you mentioned, at the congress last year, we had that one tech stream which went really well. In terms of technology, there’s a lot going around text-to-speech and artificial intelligence. I think generally, with our industry at the moment and the way that everything is going, technology plays a huge part. So I completely agree with Petra on what she says, because I think even today, and during the AMEC Summit as well, a lot of things revolve around technology, how it will be diverse and how much it is changing the industry – be it social media, be it media intelligence, be it business intelligence.

You mentioned media intelligence and business intelligence, and this leads me to my final question. The next FIBEP congress is going to take place in Washington this year in November and has a very interesting claim, which is “From Media Intelligence to Business Intelligence”. I’m quite interested in knowing how this came about, especially if you think about the last session with all these CEOs, from Isentia, Kantar and Cision, where we had a masterclass in terms of future strategy.

Cassandra Syms: That particular session revolved around the actual industry as we know it at the moment. When we were discussing the theme for the new congress this year – media itself is diversely and vastly changing, you will know that in your sector, and a lot of our members would pretty much say exactly the same – we thought that it would be a good idea to go a little bit with a different turn. We chose “From Media Intelligence to Business Intelligence”, because ultimately that’s pretty much where the industry is actually heading to. It kind of coincides with the issue of technology and how that is changing as well. That’s how we came up with that theme and idea.

pressrelations Blog: Well, I can only say that I’m really looking forward to the congress. I think it’s a perfect next chapter for this industry, and it’s a perfect continuation after this summit. Thanks to both of you for your time and this interview.

Cassandra Syms has been a communications and events specialist for more than eleven years. She has worked for companies such as Deloitte & Touche LLP, Wells Fargo, Sport England, The Guardian and the Observer, among others. During her career span, Cassandra has organized and successfully executed numerous of high profile events both locally and globally. Cassandra joined FIBEP in 2014 as their Communications Director and has evolved as a valued communications and marketing professional.


Lisa Bodzenta is the communication and press officer of »OBSERVER« GmbH, the market leader in media monitoring and analysis in Austria since 1896. Besides managing the external communication of the media monitoring company in Vienna she also works for FIBEP Event Management GmbH, assisting its Managing Director Cassandra Syms. Before joining »OBSERVER« GmbH in April this year, Lisa gained professional experience in the public sector.


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