Who are the people behind the service? And what draws them to media monitoring and media measurement in the first place?
We take a behind the curtain look at the men and women who work there, what they do and why. Today we focus on the sales team.

Who we are?

The sales team consists of three seasoned communications experts:

andreas quest
Andreas Quest was previously managing partner of XRAY that was acquired by pressrelations in 2011.
Andreas is responsible for sales in the  northern and western part of Germany.



michael jugovMichael Jugov is a long-standing media monitoring sales pro and is the contact for southern Germany and international inquiries.




oliver numrichOliver Numrich is managing director of the Berlin based media survey institute preceptor, bought by pressrelations in 2014.
He handles our media monitoring and media analysis clients in the eastern part of Germany including Berlin.



What excites you about sales?

Above all, it’s dealing with something new each day: meeting new prospects and dealing with customers for the first time. We must be able to quickly grasp the customers‘ needs, problems and restrictions and translate these into viable media monitoring solutions. We bring to the table an intimate knowledge of the market, our competitors, prices, etc. and we use this to work out the most competitive and fitting solutions for the customer. To do this well, we need to assume and play out different roles. So, depending on the situation, we must be simultaneously a representative of our brand, a consultant and also to some degree an entertainer who knows how to package and present a product as complex and multi-faceted as media monitoring and media measurement in a comprehensible and compelling way.

What are the main challenges?

We are the link between the customer on one hand and our editors and analysts on the other. We must further coordinate our efforts with our media intelligence team, our product development and more and more – when implementing interface-based media monitoring solutions – with our system engineers as well. Once a customer has signed on and after completing an initial pilot stage we turn the day-to-day handling over to a dedicated customer success manager.
Of course, we also contribute to pressrelations‘ own marketing and communications efforts, visiting trade shows and other events.

What do you like least about your work?

It’s a pity when – as is sometimes the case with RFPs – we don’t have the possibility to discuss live the customer’s needs and specific challenges. Sometimes we feel like, given the chance we may be able to help the customer reach a better and more cost-effective solution than we are asked to bid on and it is a very thin line to try to convey this within the limitations of an RFP. But fortunately, most customers nowadays understand that the complexity of today’s 360° media monitoring and cross media measurement merits more than one possible approach and usually we are invited to present and consult live. By given this opportunity we are best able to leverage our vast know-how and market experience.

Translation of the article in English by Sales Manager Michael Jugov.

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